Cup Competitions:
Gold Cup

The 2019 Gold Cup competition will feature teams from San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. This is the 3rd year for this event, and it will be held in Los Angeles on September 14 and 15, 2019.

We are looking forward to assembling a team to resume our participation in the event after a one year hiatus; we welcome your participation! If you would like to be considered for our 2019 Gold Cup team, simply make your interest known by submitting this application. By submitting the form, we will update you regarding upcoming practices, fundraisers and qualification matches to occur between June and early September. We anticipate holding bi-monthly practices, a few fun, mandatory fundraising events and helping to organize your qualification matches.

We value camaraderie and will strongly emphasize fairness in the qualification process to build a fun and memorable team . As a team event, a team mentality is a critical component in the qualification process. Paramount to all else is welcoming team members who exemplify the best of SDTF so a history of fair play, kindness and a strong character is required in all prospective teammates.



September 14-15, 2019
Los Angeles
Vince Travaglione

Player Eligibility

All participants must be active members of the San Diego Tennis Federation (SDTF) to participate.

The following additional guidelines have been established by the Gold Cup Commissioner:

  1. Eligibility (Men)
    • Participating men may not have a GLTA rating higher than "A" as of June 10th in the year of the competition. Essentially, any player with a GLTA rating less than "OPEN" is eligible to compete in the Gold Cup event.
  2. Eligibility (Women)
    • Since there is no ceiling on skills in the women's "Open" level, participating women must have a men's GLTA rating no higher than "A" in the GLTA as of June 10th in the year of the competition. In the event that a female player has both a GLTA women's rating and GLTA men's rating, the women's ranking will not be considered for eligibility for Gold Cup as long as men's ranking that is no higher than "A".
  3. Eligibility (General)
    • Players must have a GLTA ranking in the event in which they play at Gold Cup and are not eligible to play in an event in which they have no ranking. Players with a GLTA "L" rating will be considered to be rated equal to "A" or less. The GLTA player-ranking database as of June 10th (to include the USGO Tournament) will be used to verify the Gold Cup player ratings. The database shall contain results for each player for all events played through May 31st of the current year. Ratings within a Club and Mixed Doubles ratings are not considered as an eligibility criteria for the Gold Cup.