Singles League: Championships/Playoffs

  1. Playoffs will occur at the end of the season to determine the year-end SDTF singles league champion.
  2. All playoff matches will be scheduled by the individuals who qualify to play and must be completed in a timely manner following the schedule as set forth on the Singles League Schedule of Play.
  3. The top 12 ranked players from the singles league will be eligible to participate in the championship playoffs, and the remaining 12 players will be eligible to participate in the next generation tournament, provided that both of these conditions are met:
    1. The players participated in the singles league from the beginning of the season or replaced a player with ample time to allow them to play the prerequisite number of matches.
    2. The players played in their last 2 scheduled matches for the season OR played at least 5 matches for the season.
  4. If one or more players ranked in the top 12 are not eligible for the playoffs, then the next highest ranked players will qualify until the draw can be filled.