Singles League: Format & Scoring

  1. The league coordinator will give players a schedule that shows the dates that each player is scheduled to play. The schedule will also be posted and updated on the SDTF website.
  2. The league coordinator will provide the tennis balls for each match.
  3. Matches are best 2 out of 3 sets, regular Ad-scoring, 12-point tie-breakers.
  4. If a player is forced to retire or is otherwise unable to complete a match then the retiring player will forfeit any remaining games in the match to determine a 2 out of 3 sets winner. Those forfeited games will count as games played for the purpose of calculating player standings.
  5. During the first two weeks of play, each player will be assigned to a court with another player on a random basis (i.e., by drawing numbers from a hat) to play a best 2 of 3 sets match.
  6. At the conclusion of the second week of random play, all players will be ranked according to their cumulative win/loss ratio.
  7. Beginning with the third week, the top group of players will randomly draw to determine their court assignments, and the second group of players will also randomly draw to determine their court assignments. 6 slips of paper with the numbers 1-3 (i.e., two 1's, two 2's etc.) are put into a hat with each player in the group drawing a number. The number 1s play each other, the number 2s play each other, etc. The process is then repeated for the second group of 6 players. The coordinator will seek to maintain some random outcome while also avoiding players playing the same people each week.
  8. Cumulative win/loss ratios will be calculated throughout the season. The cumulative win/loss ratio is calculated based on total number of games won divided by total number of games played, not based on total number of matches won. Thus, it is to the advantage of players to always do their best in every game played.
  9. The coordinator will post the win/loss ratios each week so that players can measure their progress over the course of the entire season.