Singles League: Structure & Dates

  1. The Singles League will run from May 4 thru approximately the end of October (depending on weather, etc). A playoff tournament will be scheduled immediately following the league season.
    • There will be 14 weekends of scheduled play, however players will be scheduled only 7 times.
    • Each player will be scheduled to play 7 Saturdays, with 7 byes, and there will be no play on the holiday weekends of Memorial Day, July 4th weekend, Pride weekend, and Labor Day weekend. It is our hope that staggering the play dates will allow players some degree of flexibility with their busy schedules.
    • There will be 24 registered participants for the Saturday Singles League.
  2. The league coordinator will notify the SDTF membership that positions are being accepted for the league. Members must register online on the Application & Payment page.