Singles League: Substitutes

  1. If a player cannot attend on their scheduled date, it is his/her responsibility to send a substitute player in their place. Otherwise, a SDTF member who took the time and made the effort to travel to the San Diego High School courts will not have an opponent. Please be respectful of other members' time, commitment and resources.
  2. The substitute must be a current member of SDTF, and can be of any skill level of play. Players of all skill levels are encouraged to participate in the singles league.
  3. Beginning with the third week, if a player's substitute does not have a cumulative win/loss record, the coordinator has discretion to assign the substitute to either the higher or lower group based on the coordinator's knowledge of the substitute's level of play.
  4. If the coordinator does not know the substitute's level of play, the coordinator will assign the substitute a 45% win/loss ratio and the substitute will play with the players nearest to a 45% win/loss ratio.
  5. Substitutes participating for more than one week will accumulate their own win/loss record for placement in the correct group at the start of play.
  6. If a player has difficulty finding a substitute, he/she may request the league coordinator to assist in obtaining a substitute.
  7. In the event an even number of players need a substitute and cannot get one, the league coordinator may reduce the number of players to play in that given week.