Socials: Promiscuous Doubles

Are you Promiscuous?
Promiscuous Doubles takes place most weekends (on either Saturday or Sunday morning, depending on the time of the year) at the San Diego High School.
You will not need a doubles partner to participate in this fun SDTF social. Promiscuous Doubles is named accordingly because you will be playing with multiple doubles partner throughout the 2 hour period.
The concept is similar to Friday Night Doubles except with a fun twist. There will be 6 rounds of 20 minute matches. You will be assigned a doubles partner and court for the first round. If you and your partner win the round you will move up the chain, otherwise you move down. Once you move up or down the chain, you will switch partners and play the next round. You will continue this way for each round and the concept is to never play with the same player twice.
Check the SDTF Calendar to find the exact date/time of the next Promiscuous Doubles.