Team Tennis 2018-2019:

Team Tennis Commissioner:
Jon Tyler

Team Tennis is a weekly competition that includes singles and doubles pro sets between SDTF teams. The teams are chosen at a captains' meeting, where captains have the chance to draft 3-4 players (depending on team size). Each team selects a theme and each player chooses an alias consistent with the theme to encourage team spirit and unity.

This time, we are keeping the combined format of one longer 10 week regular season running from November 2018 through the beginning months of 2019, which was first introduced last season. There are still 8 teams with two divisions of 4 teams each. In the regular season, each team will play two matches against the other 3 teams in their own division and one match against each of the 4 teams in the other division. At the end of the regular season, there are two playoff weeks.

One change to last season is that instead of 3 teams in each division advancing to the playoffs, it's just the top 6 overall teams. This means that one division could have 2 teams advance to the playoffs with the other division having all 4 advance -- resulting in the strongest teams overall being the ones making the playoffs.

Team Tennis is one of the San Diego Tennis Federation's most popular events. It provides players with the opportunity to meet fellow SDTF members and exposes participants to the varied playing styles of their many opponents. You will be ranked according to your skill level, and you will only play others at or near your skill level, so ALL ARE WELCOME, regardless of your playing ability. The themes chosen are always clever or funny, but the competition is real. The champion of Team Tennis gets bragging rights until the next season and has their team name emblazoned on the Team Tennis trophy.

Team Tennis is a great way to meet friends, build team camaraderie, practice your tennis skills and MOST OF ALL...HAVE FUN.

Are you in?